“Ferocious and intoxicating music.” (All About Jazz)

“…a very fresh take on an area of modern jazz that had been all but abandoned. There are so many sonic diversions on this record that a complete listing would truly be exhausting. You will turn this up VERY loud.” (BC Magazine)

“In the hands of Davis, Biro and Smith, Mysteries of the Revolution is a unique combination of musical genres that avoids any trappings of excess, performed with aplomb by a trio that has nothing to prove but plenty to say.” (Abstract Logix)

“The orchestration is impressive in its vast scope… terrific funk-inspired work” (JazzReview.com)

“This is an outstanding album, particularly for those who enjoy keyboard-driven groove jazz with a psychedelic flavor.” (wmshax)

“…Oscar Wilde on acid.” (Time Out)

‘Stories Sensorius’ from MOTR album

MYSTERIES OF THE REVOLUTION features BB Davis (drums, percussion, flute, beatvox, voice) of the legendary Red Orchidstra and virtuoso French keyboardist Daniel Biro. Influences range from Miles, Hancock, Zawinul, George Duke, Roland Kirk, Corea, Coltrane, Mahavishnu, Lifetime to Hendrix, Zappa, Led Zep, Doors, Steely Dan to neo-classicism and psychedelica all dished up in a sweaty, heady brew of heavily jazzified, passionate, funked up, blissed-out, head-on grooves with a whole dash a’ finesse n’ panache – yeah, really!


‘Mysteries of the Revolution’ eponymous debut album review:

“Journeying from the light – the chorale intro to ‘Welcome’ – through to the dark weirdness of ‘Moonfrog’s Tucker’ [a slight caress to Beefheart] the album takes a semi-filmic mystical/urban ride to the apocalyptic ‘Have You Seen Enough?’ thence backing into the light once more with the ethereal end-piece ‘Evolution’.

Whether it be the earnest, full-on, passionate Hammond growling of ‘The Crunch’, the subtle, driving ‘Romantica’, the Arabic flavoured ‘Secret Fire’ [inspired by a stay in the Moroccan old port city of Essaouira] the uniquely enigmatic ‘The Elevation Of Mr Handy’ or the slinky vibe of ‘Storius Sensorius’ each track displays the unit’s oneness and sense of purpose.

As well as its retro-psychedelic experimentation the album also features BB’s tour-de-force flute/beatvox piece ‘Big Budd’ah’ [dedicated to one of his greatest influences, Rahsaan Roland Kirk] which continues to stun audiences everywhere.”

Carter Stein

‘Secret Fire’ from MOTR album